Fromacoeur items can be found on shelves
in many of your favorite stores in all forms;
pearls, involtini, skewers and bites.

From the begining of Fromacoeur, we’ve been a part of cheese and catering departments throughout medium and large sized stores in France and Europe. Our unique appetizers have even crossed the oceans making their way to the USA and even Australia.

Fromacoeur offers a wide aray of branded products, as well as private label opportunities  for  distributors and leading brands.




Introducing our new cocktail appetizer:

Mojito : Goat cheese pearls with mint stuffed with lime/cane sugar

Piña colada : Goat cheese pearls with coconut stuffed with pineapple


Customize your own aperitive with skewers and a bowl of cheese bites.


An appetizer offer special for winter: raclette & tartiflette style mini roulades.



- 6 bowls per case

- 100g
- 20 mini roulades per tray
- 4 trays per case

the original : our goat cheese pearls



- 90g
- 18 pearls per tray
- 6 trays per case

- 108g
- 6 bowls per parcel

classics: our goat cheese skewers



- 10 skewers per tray
- 8 trays per case