marbles, involtini, skewers, corks & pearls.


At Fromacoeur we guarantee a premium quality…

˗ A rigorous selection process of our raw materials, by prioritizing a French origin, the items are chosen for high quality, and guaranteed without GMOs.
˗ A team dedicated to the research of health and food safety standards.

...while constantly searching for the next creation, and innovation in our items...

˗ Original and unique culinary solutions.
˗ A know-how recognized for more than 15 years: creator of the mini involtini and the filled ball (Grand Prix SIAL Innovation 2006).

...for assured pleasure.

˗ A guarantee of balanced taste in all of our recipes.
˗ Thorough research and testing of textures and aesthetics in all products.
˗ An original format easy for sharing and a pleasure to eat!

As a responsible regional company, Fromacoeur continues its commitment to the environment and sustainability...

˗ Research and development for the cleanest, most natural recipes possible using all organic and non-GMO ingredients.
˗ Limitations on over-use of plastics by utilizing recyclable mono-material packaging methods.
˗ Low carbon footprint means optimum location of our distribution center, north to south our geographical location is ideal for transport throughout France and Europe.
˗ Heat recovery technology in the factory.

... Locally.

˗ Supporting up-and-coming business owners and entrepreneurs through a society of prevailing regional companies, encouraging new regional business development in the Poitou-Charentes region.
˗ Third largest employer of Ruffecois region.
˗ Equal opportunity employer.
˗ Supporting the community through cultural and sporting associations in the city.