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Sophisticated and delicious, these goat’s cheese pearls are filled with honey, figs, roasted tomatoes, or pesto, salmon tartar.

They can be served cold as cocktail party appetizer or in a salad, or in pasta, or as a garnish on pastry.

Only For festive times : goat’s cheese with truffle & honey, goat’s cheese with rose & strawberry.

Available for Private Label




Whether they are made with goat's cheese or cow's cheese, these rolls are wrapped in a fine slice of speck, smoked or cooked ham. Then, they are flavored with herbs and spices, or with a tasty marinade... A real treat perfect for party time!

Smooth and tasty, these rolls can be served both hot and cold as cocktail party appetizer or in a salad. They are also great as an ingredient for pizzas and in pasta.

Thesegourmet andcrusty choux buns are sweet and savory, succulent when served with a mixed green salad. It is a perfect alternative to the iconic “Chèvre Chaud” or goat cheese toast, all-in-one ! Heat it up few minutes in the oven before tasting.


Mini brochettes


Ideal for cocktail party or snack, these mini brochettes made with goat’s cheese can be:

  • Mediterranean with marinated tomatoes.
  • Nordic with dill and smoked salmon.
  • Traditional with a soft fig
  • Funny with filled and coated lollipops

And can be served cold, together with drinks for cocktail party or as a snack.


Bites & drops


Bites with goat’s cheese, goat’s cheese and chives, matured goat’s cheese, goat’s cheese with truffle

This range of bites made with goat’s or cow’s cheese, can be either coated,  sprinkled, marinated, picked, arranged…

As for the mini cheese pearls, there can be plain goat cheese or cow cheese with garlic and chives. Their size is their main asset, as a salad topping and/or for canapé.





Fromacoeur goes organic !

2 cheese pearls filled with pesto or sun dried tomato – 2 mini goat cheese pearls plain or with garlic & herbs

Deli / Retail stores

You can find our products In Europe especially in Northern Europe, in cheese and Deli stores, in retails stores such as CARREFOUR, AUCHAN, CASINO, LECLERC, MONOPRIX, FRANPRIX, MARKS &SPENCER, SLIGRO…

  • Carrying your own brand,
  • Carrying the Retailer brand, or
  • In partnership with established brands

We have the material to turn your ideas.

optimal responsiveness

We are dedicated to exceed client expectations, to develop close industrial collaborations for customized frozen intermediary food products adapted to our client needs.

FromACœur is offering, products adapted to your needs: products elaborated only for you, IQF range, under customized formats for cocktail party such as ; toasts, puff pastries, brioches… Our ingredients will bring added value to your salads!

  • Mini rolls
  • Pearls
  • Bites
  • Rolls
  • Stuffed Pebbles
  • Drops


Food service / Catering

cheese pearls for catering

You can find our products In Europe mainly in Northern Europe, in cheese and Deli stores, in Cash & Carry retails such as METRO, PROMOCASH…for Airline Catering or Boat Catering, such as VIKING LINE.

  • Carrying your own brand, or
  • The Retailer brand,


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